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wedding planning

Wedding Planning in Patna

Manya Resort is one of the best wedding planners in Patna having extensive knowledge and vast experience of wedding planning. We have well decorated marriage hall in Patna making each wedding unique, glamorous and joyful. It is one of the best wedding venues in Patna for any type of event management and wedding planning.

Our aim is to guide you in choosing a destination best suited to your requirements and budget and also lay down a step-by-step framework of how you should go about your entire wedding and reception. Our wedding planners are committed to light up your life, making your day colorful and remembering this day as the brightest day of your life.


Catering Services in Patna

Looking for catering services for your wedding, corporate event or any other personal or professional event? Then you have come to the right place. Manya Resort brings to you authentic taste and flavor of Indian cuisine.

At Manya Resort, we offer comprehensive catering services in Patna suitable for all religions, communities and preferences. The guests are served by our highly professional and courteous specialists and caterers.

We provide catering services as per your demand with a broad range of Veg and Non-Veg food items in our two menus. Our specialists take care of the menus to bring the best of the food items meeting highest benchmarks. We also offer the flexibilities to our clients to design customized menu that coould suit for their special occasion.

flower decoration

Stage Decoration in Patna

If you are looking for Marriage Hall and Stage Decorators, who are professional experts, highly reliable and cost effective then you have come to the perfect place. Manya Resort is a one-stop solution for beautiful, unique and colorful stage decoration relevant to your event.

At Manya Resort, we have expert stage decorators who arrive on time, provide a correct estimate and deliver a flawless job. They can even follow up on problems you might face with their job. Send your request to Manya Resort and get connected with the best decorators for stage decoration in Patna.


Event Organiser in Patna

Organizing events, seminars, workshops and exhibitions have become an integral part of any good growing businesses.

We are one of the best professional event organizers and wedding planners in Patna providing very significant and special event that could be the most enjoy-full event of your life.

We are specialized in dealing with corporate events management and offer flawless event management services in Patna. Since each of the corporate event is different and has certain aim, our experts study the client’s needs and accordingly help in organizing the event with perfection. Your valuable feedback at every stage of event management, planning and execution help in making the event a success.



Your wedding day is one of those occasions where you would definitely want to capture every special moment. These are the pictures you will treasure for generations to come. In fact the photographer and videographer direct the entire sequence from the start to the finish. Wedding albums are becoming more and more decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colors.

DJs, Music artists, leading singers and live bands are invited for the sangeet and other functions. Any wedding event and the entertainment is the lighting, sound and special effects. You can even make use of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

We provide you with a choice of Choreographers, dancers and singers to teach dance and music to the family members and watch live performance of:



There is no wedding without music, dance, dholaks or bells. There are all sorts of enriching events spread over 2-3 days to tempt your guests. Whether you are getting married on a grand scale or in a small way, music and dance adds zing to your function. Pep up the crowd with lively music, perfect choreography and the right ambience to create the right mood.

So, we are extremely pleased that our mission provides various courses of Computer Software and Hardware Technology with very useful and move on the right path of your career in IT Sector. Hope that the student will like it and help to promote our efforts which certainly beneficial for them.


Birthday Party

Birthday parties for kids are always a fun destination to be around. Children of all ages gather up and have lots of fun, which is a site to behold. Their pure hearts of innocence and blooming friendship touch one another, as it also touches our hearts too. At Manya Resort, we able to light up your child's special day with their innovative ideas and creative minds. With our experience, we will be able to help you celebrate a party with your little champ that you will remember for a long time, even after your kid steps into the teenage life.

We are the birthday party Organizers and caterers to celebrate birthday in a most enjoy full manner making the day as special day. We understand the importance of this special day and we ensure that it is visible in our party decorations making the birth day event a memorable one for your kids, you and your guests.


Design & Décor

Create an amazing atmosphere tailored to how you envision your special day with extraordinary wedding decorations from Manya Resort. There is everything to add fun and fabulous details from vibrant confetti, interesting table number cards and other unique decorations.

Perusing through the numerous, colorful options available can help you choose the items to make the wedding of your dreams into a reality right down to the small details. Illuminate your space with some of the beautiful candles offered or with festive paper lanterns.

Add character to your wedding with a personalized runner lined with rich, multicolored silk rose petals. Keep your wedding party and guests comfortable and cool from the sun with delicate parasols and beautiful handheld fans that can be taken home as wonderful mementos.